ASSESS results explained

Understand what the results you receive from the ASSESS API services mean

The table explains the results received from the ASSESS API service:

Hippo Trust Score

How much can I trust the user?

Typically scores less than 3 should be blocked, 7 or higher admitted and the remainder reviewed. (Score ranges should depend on use cases.) 

Gibberish and profanity status

Is there gibberish text?

Is there profanity?


The gender been identified from the first name or email address.

Email address verification result

Primary result codes of OK, Bad, Unverifiable, Disposable email address.

Role and subaddressing status

Is a role address? e.g. info@, sales@, postmaster@

Does the email contain subaddressing i.e. + some text?

Mail server location and infrastructure

Is email address a free mail provider? e.g. gmail, hotmail etc

Is the mail server a catch all mail server?

Infrastructure identifier e.g. Hotmail, GoogleforBiz, Office365, Mimecast.

Mail server location as a two digit ISO code e.g. US.


Is there a presence on a reputable block list?

Dark Web status

Is there an association with the Dark Web?

Domain status

Does the domain have any DNS records?

Does the domain have any MX records?

Domain age

Age of the domain.

Domain registration

City and country of registration.

IP location

Coordinates, city, country.

Connection type

The connection type e.g. Corporate, Residential.