Prices for our Realtime API Service can be found on this page, API Price List

Our API is a standard RESTful implementation and can integrate easily with any system at either the client or server levels.

You have access to extensive documentation (see for yourself ). Code samples integration guides for a wide range of software stacks including PHP, C#,, Java, Python, Perl and Curl are available directly from inside your customer portal.

With outstanding documentation and first class support, your technical team will have minimal issues integrating the API with your systems.

Prices for our Bulk Service can be found on this page, Bulk Price Calculator

Upload your lists for cleansing.

Upload multiple lists with unlimited access.

- Monthly credit based system.

See how it works here, Realtime API: How To

Pay for the number of email in your list.

- Pay per list with no rolling credits.

See how it works here, Single Payment Bulk List Verification

Prices for our Custom Quote (Large Files 500,000 +) Service can be found on this page, Custom Quote (Large Files) Price Calculator

Have a large files(s) of email addresses? We provide a secure, fast and efficient processing service.

You can find a price for your list by just entering the amount of emails and clicking Update Estimate. You don’t need to enter and other detail.

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