The free service has a limited quota because it is designed to introduce you to our paid service, allowing you to test our service and accuracy, before making a purchase., This is the reason that you do not see any adverts on our the websites, to cover the running costs. This is a paid for service, which offers limited, free access.

Free Trial (

The free trial is limited to a quota of 100, per user and/or company.

  • You are allowed 1 free trial account

  • If you signed up with a freemail address (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, etc) and you require an account under your company domain, please use the form below and include the following information:

    • Full Name

    • Business Email Address/username

    • Company Name

    • Company Address

    • VAT Number

    • Reason for use

    • Other Relevant Information

  • If you/your company signs-up for multiple accounts, all of you accounts will be disabled and your access to our service will be permanently denied, without warning. No exceptions!

Tools (

The free service quota is limited to 20 free verification per company. If other people in the office or on the same domain, are also using this service, it would count towards the total quota usage.

Why is it limited?

It is expensive to run such a large service, (thousands of dollars each week), that validates millions of email addresses each day. This means that providing the service for free, needs to be limited.

Subscriptions start at mere $9 a month, how much did you spend on a round of coffee's today or drinks last night?

Why don't we increase the limit?

We could increase the quota of our free services but this would increase the cost for our paying customers. Would you be happy paying more for your subscription or list, so that other users can have more for free?

Why, Should I Pay?

Some users try to take advantage of or abuse our free services. This will only result in being blocked from our service, which will leave you at the mercy of the substandard email cleansing service providers. Can you afford to lose a valuable, perspective, customer with reliable email verification costing as little as $0.0009 for each email verification?

Please do not contact us, asking for our best price as you can find out, how much it costs, here.

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