Service Notice - File Processing Services May Be Slow

If the Email Hippo System is experiencing heavy loads on one time lists you will receive a Banner message Informing you on the estimated wait time. API remains unaffected.

Due to the incredible success of the Email Hippo verification platform, our back end services for file processing (i.e. the servers and software that run the email verification checks) are currently operating at 100% capacity 24/7. This means that verifying your file is taking longer to complete than you and we would like.

The verification process can vary, depending on the current demand on the service and the amount of email addresses submitted that employ grey-listing or tarpitting


Why is my file taking so long to process?

Because there are other customers files ahead of yours. Your file will work its way up the queue and be processed.

Can I close my screen whilst waiting for processing?

Yes. We send you an email once file processing is complete.

My file only contains 200 emails. Why is it taking more than 24 hours to complete?

Your file is held in a first come, first served queue. There are other customers files processing ahead of yours.

What is the current wait time?

Based on the system loading that we are seeing, we anticipate an average wait of up to 48 hours.

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