A quick note about the difference between Credits and Quota

A Credit system

Credits can be purchased and used/redeemed against a product or service. Credits normally do not expire.

A Quota system

Quota is a purchased amount of uses/tokens redeemed against a product or service. Quota normally expires periodically.

How does our Quota System Work?

  • Quota is a representation of the amount of verifications that are assigned to your account

  • Every time an email address is verified it deducts 1 from your quota

  • The quota is reset at the end of every billing cycle

We offer a quota based service - not a credit based service

Changing Your Subscribed Plan

  • You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time

  • Billing is on a monthly cycle and up/downgrading your subscription will take affect immediately

Upgrading your Subscription

Upgrading your subscription has an immediate affect on your quota. Remember you are upgrading your existing quota, not purchasing more credits.


If you are on a 5k plan, (so you have 5,000 emails to validate each billing cycle) and you have used 4,800, you now only have 200 emails remaining. If you upgrade your subscribed plan up to a 10k plan, you can now verify a maximum of 10,000 this billing cycle. As you have already used 4,800 this would leave you with a quota of 5,200 to use this billing cycle.


Purchase the right plan by subtracting the quota you have already used from the total of the plan you are upgrading to. So if you upgrade to a 10k plan, you would have 5,144 emails left in your quota for the period. (10,000 - 4,856 = 5,144).

Downgrading your Subscription

Downgrading works the same way as upgrading. If you upgraded your account, you would expect it to take effect instantly. Downgrading works the same, it downgrades instantly.


If you have a 2.5k plan (so you have 2,500 emails to validate each billing cycle) and you have verified 2400 this leaves 100 email verifications. If you downgrade to a 1k plan you are now 1400 over your subscription. This is why your quota is displaying "0" and we have refunded the difference as a monetary credit to your account which will be deducted from your next bill.


Upgrade your subscription temporarily at no cost, using the credits from downgrading, (automatically applied at checkout). Then you will be able to use your remaining quota. 

Mobile Phone Example

Imagine you have a mobile/cell contract on a plan with 300 talktime minutes and you have used 150 talktime minutes from your allowance this month.

You decide to downgrade to a plan that only has 100 talktime minutes, effective immediately.

Now you are on a plan that has 100 minutes but you have already used 150 talktime minutes.

So you now have -50 minutes as you have used more than your contracted allowance of talk time minutes.


If you change your plan, the payment system cancels your current subscription, credits your account any funds owed and uses these funds to purchase your new subscription plan.

  • If you downgrade, any remaining funds will be deducted from any following payment in the future.

  • If you upgrade, we will deduct the reimbursed funds from the total price and you will only pay the difference.