Quota limits for CORE users

Your quota is the number of email validations you may use. This is set on your subscription plan. Unused quota isn’t rolled forward into the next billing cycle.

If you upload a file that contains more email addresses than you have available in your quota, you’ll need to change your subscription plan, or pay for the file to be validated as a one-off payment. The system won’t let you go over your quota limit and will instead take you automatically to a payment screen where you can choose which way to proceed.

Quota limits for MORE API users

When you reach your quota limit as an API user, your access to our service will be restricted, resulting in an HTTP Status Codes of 401.

Our system will email you when you have 10% and 5% remaining quota, so you don’t have to monitor your quota.

If you need to validate more than 750,000 emails each month using the API, ask us about creating an account that allows overages and usage billing.