The length of time it takes to validate emails depends on three things:

  • Number of emails in a file
  • Initial results - email domains and mail server responses
  • Demands on our infrastructure

Our API returns results immediately, so if you are using the API service you will see faster results than if you upload a file of email addresses from your portal.

The time taken for processing files that are uploaded will vary, depending on the current demand on the service and the amount of email addresses submitted that employ greylisting or tarpitting.

Our infrastructure is scalable, so we flex our capacity to meet changing demand. However, at absolute peak times there is a queuing system in place, so it is possible that there will be a delay in times of exceptional demand.

We recommend that you allow 24 hours for the verification process to complete. If your need for email validation is time critical, please allow extra days if possible as we can’t predict exactly how long the service will take.

You will receive an email when the verification process is complete.

All results are returned with your original data in the same format as you uploaded. Results are appended to the end of each column.