Bulk List Verification

Click on the Continue button and you will be taken to the payment page.

You should already be on the tab. If not click on the Use Quota button.

Click on the 'Verify Using Quota button'.

You will be automatically redirected back to the 'Your Files' page and your list will begin the verification process.

You do not need to watch the progress, you can close the tab and we will email you once the verification is complete

Once you file has finished being verified click on the 'Download' button  and your file will start downloading.

  • You can view your result summary by clicking on the 'Details' button

  • You can delete file by clicking the 'Delete' button

Realtime API

On the Verify Email Address page.

Enter an email address into email box beside the @ symbol and 'click' the Verify button or 'press' Enter.

The result will be displayed underneath and in a handy table which can downloaded. 

More details about the results you receive can be found in the article Verification Response Codes.