From your dashboard click on the Paste Emails button.

You should see the "Paste Email" box.

Copy your list into the paste box and click on the Upload button, located on the right hand side of the screen.

If you only have a few emails try using the One At A Time Box.

You should now see the Pre-Processing page.

Click continue

You now have to choose from two payment options.

Use Quota: A subscription payment allowing you to use the service multiple times, everyday.

If you don't have enough quota the payment page will automatically open.

Single Payment: Just pay for the quantity of emails that are in your list.

After you have chosen your payment method, you will be automatically redirected back to the Your Files page and your list will begin the verification process.

You do not need to watch the progress, you can close the tab and we will email you once the verification is complete.

Once you file has finished being verified

Click on the Download button  and your file will start downloading.

  • You can view your result summary by clicking on the Details button
  • You can delete(s) file by clicking the Delete button

Downloading results

Downloads all of the results: Good Unverifiable and Bad.

Downloads only the Good results.

Downloads only the Unverifiable results.

Downloads only the Bad.