Log into your account to see the home page. Click the ‘GO’ button within the CORE box, as indicated below.     

If you haven’t activated CORE, you will need to click the ‘ACTIVATE PRODUCT’ button in the top right-hand corner – only account administrators can activate products. 

Once activated, the CORE Quick Start page will come up on the screen. 

The paste email address box accepts 10,000 email addresses (each email address must be on a separate row). Past the email addresses into the box and click the ‘UPLOAD’ button which will put your pasted email addresses into a file.

You will then be taken to the manage files page. Click the ‘VERIFY’ button to begin verification. 

To complete the process, you will be asked how you would like to pay – by using your existing subscription or making a one-off payment.

If you choose ‘VERIFY USING QUOTA’ your file will begin processing. If you choose to ‘PAY NOW’, you will be taken to ‘Checkout’.