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Edition 1 (V2)
Edition 2 (V3) 
Stop disposable emails
Pour cold water on burner email addresses - we monitor for new address 24/7 and detect more than anyone else.
Find catch all mail servers
Get a handle on the real value of your data. Learn which mail servers leave their doors wide open and take delivery for any old junk email address. Emails sent to catch all's have low open rates.
Hippo Trust Score

At a glance, overall Trust Score sets the standard for your decisions about the value of every email address.
Blacklist checking

Protect your sender reputation and steer clear of emails blacklisted for sending spam. Our service even spots domains that charge gatekeeper fees to reach inboxes. 
Mail system detection

Segment data better. Mail system detection gives detail about the mail system, so you can tailor communications and improve delivery rates.
Role based email checking
[email protected]? Identify email addresses that are for role-based inboxes and decide how you deal with them. Role-based email addresses usually have lower open rates than named addresses. 
MX record checking

Its no use looking for emails with no MX records. MORE supplies every MX record and tells you if any are missing. No MX record = undeliverable. 
Greylist checking

When mail servers give you lemons - make lemonade. Squeeze every squirt of juice from your email data and choose whether to double-check addresses on mail servers that greylist. 
Safe to send score 

Expert help to decide when to send. Results summarised and a clear score to show you when you can successfully send. 
Gibberish detection

Spammy and fraudulent emails often contain random strings of characters. Gibberish detection helps you stay safe.
Dark web checks

Shine a light on domains that have connections to dark web users. You want real people at the end of email addresses - not dark web connections. 
Mail server location
Where is everybody? Perfect for sifting sales leads and filtering fraudsters. Find out where in the world mail servers really are. 
Comprehensive dashboard
User-defined layouts and flexible reporting tools. Enjoy at-a-glance summaries, download detail and get to grips with your data from every angle. 
Clear results
Act on results from multiple data points. Create workflows and messaging to suit every situation, whether you're stopping typos on a CRM or filtering gibberish from sign-up forms.  
Syntax errors
When is an email not an email? When the syntax is bad. Our syntax check finds errors in realtime so you can create alert responses. It's a great tool for stopping typos at point of entry. 
Spam trap detection
Trust the Spam Trap Assessment Score. Avoid mailboxes that squawk or trap you on a ransom blacklist. Every result is scored so you can determine outcomes. 
Freemail detection
Sort business and private email - a valuable tool for timed delivery email marketing. 
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