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How long will it take to validate my email address list?

This article provides estimated processing times for email address list files.

Verifying email addresses is a complex, time-intensive process whereby our systems interact with external mail systems.

Whilst we have control over our own systems, we have no control over remote mail systems and how they behave from a functionality and performance perspective.

Business email addresses tend to take longer to validate than consumer free email services.

There may also be occasions when our services are very busy however we do our best to try and ensure files are processed as quickly as possible.

For these reasons, it is not possible to provide a definitive time for completion of the verification process. However, we can provide some approximations based on our experience.

In the table below we have provided average processing times for various file sizes:

Amount of unique emails within list

                        Process duration

From                                                    To

1,000 30 Minutes                                         3 Hours
2,500 1 Hour                                                 4 Hours
5,000 2 Hours                                               5 Hours
10,000 3 Hours                                               6 Hours
25,000 4 Hours                                               7 Hours
50,000 5 Hours                                               8 Hours
75,000 6 Hours                                               9 Hours
100,000 7 Hours                                               10 Hours
200,000 8 Hours                                               11 Hours
250,000 9 Hours                                               12 Hours
300,000 10 Hours                                              13 Hours
400,000 11 Hours                                               14 Hours
500,000 12 Hours                                              15 Hours 

Please be aware these are approximate times only and are not guaranteed. Your file may take less or more time.

If it's taking longer than our estimates please contact us at help@emailhippo.com and we'll check your file.