How to manage payment cards

This article explains how to manage the payment cards attached to your account and subscription

Log in to your Hippo World account.

Click on the ‘Administration’ button, on the left of the menu, and ‘Billing’ in the drop-down menu, as indicated below.

Hippo World Dashboard Billing

You are now on the Billing page; to view the cards attached to your account click 'Saved Cards':

Hippo World Saved Cards

Adding a new card

From the Saved cards page, click the ADD NEW CARD button and complete the relevant details.

Deleting a new card

From the Saved cards page, click the 'DETAIL' button. You will be taken to a new screen where you will see a button to DELETE.

Hippo World delete card

You will only be able to delete a card if there is another valid card on the account.

Updating/changing a card

To update or change a credit card used by a subscription you will need to use this function.

From the Billing page click 'Change cards'; you will then see your subscriptions and related cards listed.

Hippo World change card

Next to the relevant subscription, click the 'UPDATE CARD' button; you will then be able to add a new card if relevant by clicking the 'ADD NEW' button. 

Hippo World change card for subscription