How to quickly verify an email address

Use MORE to quickly verify a single email address

Log into your Email Hippo account. 

From Hippo World Home page click GO on the MORE product block.

more dash

This will take you to the MORE home page, from here click 'Check now' on the left-hand sidebar. 

More check now 1

Type your email address into the email address box and click GO to begin verification. 

More Email

Once the email address has been verified you will see the results displayed underneath. 

If you wish to download your results, click on the “RECENT EMAIL ADDRESS” button. 

more check now-1

You will be taken to a list of all the email addresses you have validated in your current session. To export your list into a CSV file click ”EXPORT TO CSV”.

More export csv-1

For more details about the results, please read the following article: MORE Verification results.