Subscription benefits of Email Hippo

This article explains the benefits of using Email Hippo


First, a subscription service builds in much-needed flexibility. If a company grows and needs more verifications, it can just pay for the extra that it needs and the job is done. This works in reverse too. Say extra verifications were required for a big project or temp staff, the additional subscriptions can be cut when additional verifications are no longer required.

The ability to upgrade and downgrade your subscription as you require

The ability to upgrade or downgrade based on actual use gives companies the flexibility that they need. Importantly, as the cost per user is clearly defined and attributable to the current tax year, there's a clearer control over costs. And licensing is far easier to manage, rather than having to manage perpetual licenses in-house.

Flexibility stretches beyond simply being able to change the number of licences on-demand. Companies also gain flexibility in the type of subscription they have, so users can be upgraded or downgraded flexibly, depending on the packages and features that they need.

Automatic billing through credit card or PayPal

Having a recurring subscription automatically saves you time and effort. You will receive regular emails informing you when the payment will be taken and your invoice will be emailed to you automatically upon payment.

Options to pay monthly, quarterly or annually

Giving you the options to choose your billing can save you money and make life easier. We provide quarterly or annual subscriptions at reduced rates. 

Lower payment costs than using the one-time option

pay less for more, our subscription service costs less on a per email basis than regular use of our one-time service.

Automatic quota alerts when 10% and 5% of your quota remaining 

Receiving automatic alerts when your quota is running low, gives you the freedom to not have to check your quota on a regular basis, safe in the knowledge you will be alerted when your account is low on quota. Along with the ability to upgrade and downgrade at will you can guarantee you will always have enough quota.  

Quota reset every 30 days 

Having your quota reset every 30 days may seem a bit strange but for companies with API integrated into their websites/CRMs (customer relationship management) it's incredibly useful. It means every 30 days the quota will reset to their full subscription plan, Meaning they are able to validate every sign up per month.

Enjoy continuous service with our 99.9% uptime guarantee.