Subscriptions Explained

This article explains why you should use a subscription plan.

When you need to validate emails regularly you choose a subscription plan and take out a subscription.

Because the number of emails you need to validate each month may change, you can change your monthly subscription at any time.

Here are the terms we use when talking about subscriptions:

  • Subscription - a monthly payment for your quota
  • Subscription plan - a quota of emails at a fixed price
  • Upgrade your subscription - move to a subscription plan that offers a higher quota
  • Downgrade your subscription - move to a subscription plan that offers a lower quota

A subscription is not the same as a credit. Unused quota does not roll-over to the next month.

How Subscriptions Work - a Brief Reminder

Choose a subscription plan based on how many emails you need to validate each month; your ‘quota’.

Pay in advance for the first month by credit card or PayPal. Each month the same amount is charged to your card automatically. This monthly charge takes place on the date you started your subscription. It is your ‘billing cycle’. This is also the date your subscription renews.

To help you manage your subscription, the amount of quota you have remaining is shown on your dashboard when you are logged in to your Email Hippo account. Each time you validate an email, your quota reduces by one. Your quota resets each billing cycle.

If you need to validate a list that contains more emails than you have within your quota, you can either upgrade your subscription or pay for a ‘one-off’ list.

  • If you decide you don’t need as many email addresses validated each month, change your subscription plan to a new, lower plan. ‘Downgrade’
  • If you need to validate more emails addresses each month than you have in your quota, upgrade your subscription. ‘Upgrade’

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time in your billing cycle.

Upgrading Your Subscription plan

When you upgrade your subscription plan you are moving to a new plan, you are not adding extra quota to your existing subscription plan. There are three important things to understand when you upgrade your plan.

1. Your upgrade takes effect immediately

2. You'll be billed the difference between your existing and new plans when you upgrade

3. You'll be charged in full for the new subscription plan when your subscription renews at the end of the current billing period

Downgrading Your Subscription Plan

When you downgrade your subscription plan there are three important things to understand;

1. Downgrades apply at the end of your current billing period. 

2. Your existing plan will still apply until the renewal date.

3. No refunds are made as a result of downgrading as the quota you purchased is available until the renewal date.