The features of CORE email validation

Understand each of the key features of the CORE product.

Tap into the power of our email validation services with quick, self-serve email list checking and use CORE to add value to your data.

When you know the good and bad email addresses on your list you will save time, improve marketing results and reduce bounced emails.

Our CORE product gives you:

Feature List Description
At a glance results At a glance results


Manage and understand you data easily. We keep your list in the same order and add column with the top-line and detailed results. 

Perfect for a quick overview or a close look.

Syntax errors spotted 2


When is an email not an email? When the syntax is bad.
Stop disposable emails 3


Poor cold water on burner email addresses - we monitor for new addresses 24/7 and detect more than anyone else.
Find catch-all mail servers 4


Get a handle on the real value of your data. Learn which mail servers leave their doors wide open and take delivery for any old junk email addresses. Emails sent to catch all's have low open rates.

Say no to spam traps



Fly safely through the spam trap jungle, avoiding mailboxes that squawk or trap you on a blacklist and charge a ransom for your domain to be set free.

Self-serve list checking



You're in control. Upload 500,000 email address at a time whenever you want to ad get an email to tell you when your list is ready.

Comprehensive dashboard



Download your list all at once or just by result type, view at a glance summaries, and get to grips with your data from every angle.




When mail servers give you lemons - make lemonade. Squeeze every squirt of juice from your email data and choose whether to double check addresses on mail servers that greylist.