What do I put in my file for email validation?

Understanding what data to put in your CSV file is important for your results.

The only item you need to include is the email address.

That's right, unlike other providers we don't ask you to provide the users: first name, last name, location and Ip address. 

You can include as much data as you like in your list and we will amend our results in the end columns after your data. 

But our general advice is to just include a unique identifier number and the email addresses in your file. 

Please ensure he first 5 rows in your file contain correctly formatted email addresses (local@domain.tld) e.g. help@emailhippo.com


Unique Identifier Number Email Address
001 example1@example.com
002 example2@example.com
003 example3@example.com

We will then add your verification results, on to your file which will look like the example below:

Unique Identifier Number Email Address Checked Email Address Status Additional Status Info Domain Country Code Mail Server Country Code
001 example1@example.com example1@example.com OK Success US US
002 example2@example.com example2@example.com Bad Mailbox does not exist US US
003 example3@example.com example3@example.com Un-verifiable Server us catch all US US


Files are only stored for a maximum period of 90 days. You may delete your files manually at any time before they are automatically deleted.