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What is a disposable email address (DEA)?

This articles summarizes what a disposable email address is.

There are many services available that permit users to use a one-time only email address. Typically, these email addresses are used by individuals wishing to gain access to content or services requiring the registration of an email address but these individuals do not wish to divulge their true identity (e.g. permanent email addresses).

Disposable email addresses - often called burner emails - should not be regarded as valid for email send purposes as it is unlikely that messages sent to them will ever be read.

Although we actively scan for and identify disposable email addresses, from time to time new disposable domains appear which we are unaware of but we do strive to include these as soon as possible. If you ever discover a disposable email address that our service has not recognised, please let us know and we will add it to the ever growing list.